Using Simumatik3D you will reduce project commissioning time and costs.





Download Simumatik3D Lite for free now!  Use the educational version for learning PLC programming in an interactive way!




Back after summer vacation

August 2018

We are back after the summer vacation and ready to work hard! As promised, we will continue working on Simumatik3D and fixing the bugs you report. But soon, we will release some interesting information about the development of our new emulation platform. In the meantime, we leave you with a video of another user that created a robot cell controlled with a B&R PLC and ABB RobotStudio. Thanks Nhat!


Simumatik3D is free now!

Februari 2018

What else can we say! If you like Simumatik3D, you will like it even more from now. From the version 1.0.0 the software will be free, no trials, no licenses, no course codes... 

We want to thank to everyone that has supported the project until now! It really helped!

We will be working hard this year 2018 in our next generation emulation platform. We want to include a lot of new features, and hopefully you will be able to taste it in the second half of the year.

Until that, contact us if you need help with Simumatik3D.

Enjoy it!


Christmas Challenge!

December 2017

If you are using Simumatik3D and you have created one or several systems controlled by a PLC and/or Robot, you are welcome to participate in the Christmas Challenge!

Create a movie showing your system running and share the link to the movie with us by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The only requirement is that the movie should be available online and shared with everyone. We will select the 10 most interesting projects and the winners will get a Simumatik3D '12 Month License Key' for free! The challenge will end the 31st of January.

Simumatik3D Christmas Challenge


Integration of the Vision Camera in Simumatik3D

November 2017

Another interesting thesis project using Simumatik3D done by two students at the University of Skövde has been published this month. As a key feature, the vision system camera was introduced in the model for the first time, sending the pictures to the vision software to guide the robot.

We have also fixed some bugs and made some updates to the new version of Simumatik3D (0.10.4).

Here you have the link to the thesis work and below a short video from their project. Thanks to the students!


Simumatik3D to build an operator training station

August 2017

We have uploaded a new version of Simumatik3D (0.10.2) and just got the information that the thesis work done by two students at the University of Skövde has been published. Good job!

Here you have the link to the thesis work.

And here a short video from their project. Enjoy it!


Many updates! 

July 2017

We have had some rest this summer, and now we are back with the updates we promised. Lots of new devices have been added to the library and we have been playing with vision camera devices. We will show you some results soon, but you can start using them. From version 0.10.0 lighting system is completely flexible, using library devices to add and place different light sources. Shadows can also be enabled to get more visual realism. We have also introduced the possibility to run FMI models (FMU) from Simumatik3D and connect them to other devices. Finally, third-party libraries have been updated increasing performance and solving bugs. 

The store has been updated to the new version (v0.10.1) of Simumatik3D and a new version of the OPC-UA server (v0.1.5) that brings back the option to connect with RoboDK. Next weeks we will be working on the manual and making some updates to the website. Contact us if you need some help in the meantime.

We leave you with a video from a student thesis that will be published soon!


The development continues 

Maj 2017

The last two months there has not been many updates on the website but we have been working hard on Simumatik3D, developing many new features, increasing performance and solving bugs. We will upload the next stable version (v0.10.0) on the next weeks, but you can contact us if you want to test it earlier!

So far, we leave you with some videos from student projects carried out at the University of Skövde during the spring. The projects are part of a campus course where students design and build a Robot Cell using Simumatik3D, program the PLC (Codesys) and Robot (ABB RobotStudio) code, carry out an acceptance test and finally make a demonstration.

Enjoy them!


Exception messages disabled 

March 2017

Because some issues have been detected with Windows copies running another language than English, exception messages have been removed (by default) in the logger, from Simumatik3D v0.8.3. Anyway, the function can be Enabled/Disabled from the Configuration menu.

Sorry for the inconveniences.


GUI library finally updated!  

March 2017

As we mentioned in the previous log, Simumatik3D had some issues with the GUI library and Windows 10 machines. The bug seems to be fixed and the library updated, so we hope that it works now. 

We have also been working with new features and improving existing ones the last weeks. One of the main changes has been the rotation of the camera, now done using the CTRL + Left Mouse button together.

We have even been working on the OPC-UA server, adding more features like the variable import from CSV files and new drivers for Siemens CPUs.

Thanks and enjoy the new versions!


Windows 10 and Simumatik3D crashing!  

February 2017

We have seen in the past few weeks that some users are suffering regular crashes using Simumatik3D in Windows 10 machines. After analyzing the log files, we have detected an issue with a library used in Simumatik3D and Windows 10. Until we get to the root of the problem, we recommend running Simumatik3D in Windows 7 compatibility mode: Right click in Simumatik3D.exe, select Properties and make the selection in the Compatibility tab. This solved the issue on the tested computers.

In the future, and until we create a ticket system, we really appreciate that you send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are having problems with Simumatik3D. Explain the issue in the email, and if possible, how to reproduce it. If you are able to start Simumatik3D, send us even a copy of the logs you get just after the start, in the lower panel (at least the first 5 rows), so we can relate the email to the log files that are sent automatically after the crash.



Happy new year!  

January 2017

New year, new features! With the next jump into v0.5 we have done major changes in Simumatik3D. The most important one is that we have decided to move completely to OPC-UA communication between PLCs/robots and Simumatik3D. That means that projects would look the same regardless the PLC or robot type you use. But don't worry! We will release soon Simumatik3D OPC-UA server which will provide support for previous controllers, including Siemens S7/PLCSIM, Allen Bradley and ABBs RobotWare and RoboDk API. This will open some new possibilities, like been able to run Simumatik3D on one computer and run the PLC/robot software (and soft controllers) on different computers.

In the other hand, the 3D engine and GUI engine have been updated and the performance has been improved. We have also included some new features like lighting and shadows (you can activate it in the Configuration menu), add some new objects to the library and fixed some bugs.

You can download the latest version of Simumatik3D (v0.5.5) here. 


Clone, Export and Import functions

November 2016

These features are not available in the Lite version, but if you have a license, you can use them! They will allow you to easily reuse your designs or download objects from our library and use them in your projects.

We have also released a new version of Simumatik3D (v0.4.2). 


Building tools and Course Codes

October 2016

We have been working on the project editor and now you will be able to move and rotate objects and groups with the mouse. We have also improved the popup menu and added some extra features like simulating broken sensors or forcing relays to open or close.

In addition to that, and because we know there will be many schools using Simumatik3D for education, we have added a new way to upgrade your copy. You can get a Course Code and introduce it in Simumatik3D so it will be upgraded from Lite version for a period of time. If you are a teacher and you want to know more about how to get a Course Code, please contact us.

Check these new features and some more improvements in the latest version of Simumatik3D (v0.4.1)

Now, enjoy the next video of an example system we will introduce soon to the store! 


Generic PLC using OPC-UA Server

September 2016

To make the connection with the PLC even easier, we have included a new PLC device in the latest version of Simumatik3D (v0.3.22), the Generic PLC using OPC-UA Server! 

This generic PLC device should be able to connect to any OPC-UA server, and we will keep testing it. So far, we have tested it successfully with the OPC-UA Server included in the Codesys Control Win V3 runtime. The setup process is quite simple, and you can find the instructions to make it work with Codesys in the manual.

Enjoy it! 


Back on business!

September 2016

Hope you all had a nice summer! The development of Simumatik3D continues and during this autum we will be focusing on solving bugs and making the software as stable as possible. Our main goal now is to provide a nice experience for the users Simumatik3D. Enjoy the latest version v0.3.20!


Model loader, finally!

April 2016

Finally, we can offer a tool for loading 3D models in your Simumatik3D project! Download the latest version (v0.3.7) and you will find it under "Tools" in the main menu (not available in LITE version). For the moment the following standard 3D file types are compatible (with some restrictions): Obj (.obj), DirectX (.x), VRML (.wrl), DXF (.dxf), Lightwave (.lwo), MultiGen (.flt), Maya (.ma, .md) and EGG (.egg).

Thanks to our collaborator Martin Birtic for a new tutorial showing how to use ABBs RobotStudio together with Simumatik3D and for sharing the next example project:


Many updates on this month!

Mars 2016

The development continues and as promised the new version (0.3.6) is available now with many new features: connection to RoboDK, servo joints (test), encoders,... It is also possible to purchase licenses in the store, so if you want to support the development of Simumatik3D and keep the project alive, you can help us and get the advantage of all the features of Simumatik3D for a symbolic price!

We will focus on creating tutorials and the manual in the next weeks, so please, contact us to tell us what do you think we must prioritize.


RoboDK and Simumatik3D connected!

Mars 2016

Will Codesys and RoboDK, together with Simumatik3D, be the automation software solution for the future?

We will allow you to test it by including the possibility to connect Simumatik3D and RoboDK with the next version of Simumatik3D (v0.3.6)!

Just check the next video to see a complete robot cell running!


New version and exercise

Mars 2016

A new version of Simumatik3D with some bug fixes and one of the "classic" exercise has been uploaded to the store!

We'd like you to contact us if you have continuous problems with Simumatik3D. Please, send us the crash report and also an email, with the specific error message, explaining when/how the problem occurs.


Download errors!

February 2016

We have noticed that the new files in the store get corrupted during download. We hope the problem is solved now, so you should be able to run the installers and open the Simumatik3D system files. Please contact us if you still have problems with that. Sorry for the inconveniences.


Work in progress!

February 2016

We will be working on the web the next weeks to introduce the new version of Simumatik3D and its new features, as well as filling up the Simumatik store. More information will come soon!


You can still download the last working version (v0.2.0) of Simumatik3D from the new store. Just send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need help!


Show us how you build and program!

October 2015

In Simumatik we want you to learn PLC programming and that's why we work to provide the best emulation tool for you. We know that a good way to learn programming is to see real examples, and we want you to help us with that.
If you have an original idea for creating a system, contact us and you will get a license key for one month so you can build it in Simumatik3D. If you send us back your project file and a video that shows how you build, program and run it, you will get your license key extended for a whole year! Finally, we will upload the video and the system to the web so it will be shared with the rest of the users of Simumatik3D.

Just send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get started! We will soon upload more tutorials to the learning area to show you how to build systems in Simumatik3D!



New version and new features!

September 2015

As promised, we bring you a new version of Simumatik3D (0.2.0)! During this autumn we will reveal the new features, so keep an eye on the web.

In order to improve your user experience, we will focus on the development of the online manual, improving the performance and fixing bugs during the following months.


The development continues!

August 2015

The development of Simumatik3D continues and we promise a new release during this autumn, including bug fixes and new features. Take a look at the next video showing a robot and a PLC working together in a robot cell. We are working hard to completely integrate ABB RobotStudio and Simumatik3D!



Help us make Simumatik3D the best software to learn PLC Programming!

February 2015

We are happy to announce that the development continues and that there are some new versions you can download and test. We will also provide some free temporal licenses for those who want to test the full version and join the "Beta Tester" program to help the continuous improvement of Simumatik3D. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested. 

Additionally, we want to THANK YOU for all the donations we got during 2014! Remember that you can use Simumatik3D Lite for free but it requires developers´ time to fix bugs, add features and to write documentation. There are extra costs related to the use of servers, web page etc. So if you want to thank Simumatik for helping you to learn PLC programming, know that any amount you can donate is important so we can continue supporting you and other students.